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Ellen Smyth, User Experience Manager at Action for Children

Beant’s Weekly Newsletter

Hello! I am Beant – an artist, writer, and senior consultant. And I write a weekly newsletter to hundreds of people who want to learn and savor a mindful and creative life, without feeling frenzied.

My emails are designed to enable a very specific learning experience – consistent, in small bites over a longer period, noise-free, and inspiring.

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  • Learning happens over a longer time, that’s why my emails focus on slow and consistent learning.
  • We learn in the middle of busy work schedules, so the emails are short and each email usually introduces one concept with an example.
  • The emails curate concepts and techniques from diverse fields like art, science, psychology, FBI negotiation techniques, creative thinking, etc. that can help us be more present, mindful, creative, and lead a more engaged life.

Previous themes have been

Courses and Workshops

My workshops and courses are powerful and hands-on, and designed according to the science of learning.

The previous courses and workshops have included:

About me

If we haven’t bumped into each other in an art course, at a book store (pre-COVID), or while wandering in nature somewhere in the Netherlands,

Hello! I’m Beant —

A writer, artist, and a senior user researcher – also a trainer and teacher of all things user research, creativity and listening.

I have 10+ years of international experience in leading and conducting user studies, making art and training hundreds of people around the world on topics like creativity, listening and user research.

My previous work has been at Philips, Adidas, Ultimaker, several start-ups, and consultancies.

My newsletter started as a series of emails to celebrate creativity in June 2020.

And now, I am honored and grateful that hundreds of people from around the world, like you, have joined my emails and workshops.

If you want to learn and make your world bigger, be more mindful, and creative, then I look forward to meeting you in my newsletter, you can sign-up here:

Till later :),


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